6 Reasons Why Metal Buildings Will Be Around A While. And Why That’s A Good Thing.


6 Reasons Why Metal Buildings Will Be Around a While. And Why That's a Good Thing.

Whether it’s a landmark alongside one of Sioux City’s many major roadways or a machine shed on the family farm, metal buildings, like Star Building Systems, are built to last. They last not just because businesses and farms need them to, but because that’s what steel buildings are designed and built to do.

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Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Metal Buildings In The Sioux City Metro Area

Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Metal Buildings In The Sioux City Metro Area

Metal buildings in and around the Sioux City area vary in construction, materials, size, color, and function. How they are built is just as important as how they are used; it’s why we place so much importance on planning both the interior and the exterior construction. And it’s why it’s important to consider the pros and cons of building materials prior to breaking ground on a project. [Read more…]

5 Qualities Siouxland Customers Want In A Steel Building

5 Qualities Siouxland Customers Want in a Steel Building

We call them steel buildings. You may call them machine sheds. No matter what you call them, these durable, metal buildings perform a number of functions in the Sioux City metro area. They store, garage, protect, and serve, and they look great while doing it. When it comes time to constructing a metal building of your own, make sure it has these five qualities.  [Read more…]

How the Right Metal Building Could Change Your Business

How the Right Metal Building Could Change Your Business

Metal buildings can be game-changers for local commerce. They are often constructed when a company introduces itself to Sioux City for the first time, when it expands into the outer reaches of Siouxland, or when it’s time to consolidate inventory, equipment, and personnel under one roof.  [Read more…]

Agricultural Storage Buildings and Machine Sheds

Wood frame steel structures, or pole buildings, are ideal for small and simple storage facilities. They are inexpensive and effective when it comes to storing small agricultural equipment. Unfortunately, they are not very customizable when it comes to exterior features and door openings. Therefore, while they are perfect for storing small farm equipment, they are not the best option for storing large agricultural machinery.

The best type of building for storing large farm equipment, such as a harvesting combine, isa rigid frame steel building, which is very flexible and customizable. [Read more…]

The Benefits of Building Green

The most fundamental mission of our commercial Learning Center is to help business owners turn their project into a successful investment. This mission often means discussing tradeoffs such as cost and quality and advising investors to walk tightropes between these tradeoffs.  In other words, our message is rarely of the “you can have it all” variety. This blog post is quite a bit different. While conventional wisdom might suggest a tradeoff between an environmentally-friendly building and affordability, this is not necessarily true. In fact, “building green” can actually save investors a remarkable amount of money over the course of a building’s lifespan. In this guide, we’ll answer some questions about green building and give you some tips to make your building more environmentally friendly.

Being green is easier than you might think!

Being green is easier than you might think!

What is a “green” building?

A “green” or “sustainable” building is more efficient in its use of energy, water, and other resources than a conventional building.

But won’t incorporating sustainability into the design increase construction costs?

The act of constructing a more sustainable building usually costs more than [Read more…]

Rigid Frame Steel Buildings vs. Wood Frame Steel Buildings (Pole Buildings)

Benefits of wood frame steel buildings (pole buildings):

  • They are less expensive up front– Pole buildings are cost-effective if a building’s dimensions fit within the wood frame building’s standards.
  • They can be utilitarian– The wood structure that is exposed inside can be useful for hanging things on walls.

Benefits of rigid frame steel buildings:

  • They are more durable– Rigid frame steel buildings last longer and are more capable of withstanding extreme conditions. [Read more…]

Metal Buildings Pros and Cons

Metal buildings have numerous advantages, depending on the end use of the building. For some businesses, a steel building’s strengths make it is a perfect fit, but for companies with different needs, a metal building system may not be ideal. [Read more…]

A Guide to Site Selection

Where you decide to build your structure has significant implications on a project’s price. In assessing where you want to build your facility and how much it will cost, it’s important to consider the following items:

Basic Information: These are simple questions about the site and its physical characteristics that other important site selection, or due process information depends on. [Read more…]

Does bidding the project yield the lowest cost? (Introduction)

For a business, the end goal of a construction project should be to maximize the prospective building’s value by achieving the best and highest use for the least amount of money. Therefore, the more appropriate question is probably whether the low-bid process yields the highest value. As such, in evaluating the effectiveness of this method, we should consider a combination of cost and quality.

The answer to this is far from black and white. There are many different contracting procedures, and each of them has pros and cons when it comes to maximizing a building’s value. However, some generalizations can be made about the low-bid process. [Read more…]