Frequently Asked Questions

What does Brown Wegher Construction do?

Brown Wegher Construction is a residential and commercial construction company. On the residential side, we specialize in high-end custom homes, semi-custom homes, and housing developments. On the commercial side, we have significant experience in office, industrial, medical, metal, and retail buildings. Click here to view our commercial projects or click here to see some of our residential work.

How much will my construction project cost?  

Unsurprisingly, this is by far our most frequently asked question. Unfortunately, it is also the most difficult to answer, as it depends on a vast number of factors. You can get a feel for how much costs can fluctuate by looking through our Need-Based Factors that Influence a Project’s Costs and Guide to Site Selection blog posts. Click on the question to be directed to a chart providing a rough estimate for the cost of different commercial projects, or contact us to thoughtfully compile a plan for your facility that incorporates these and other factors and, afterwards, receive a preliminary estimate regarding the cost of your prospective building.

Does bidding the project yield the lowest cost?

Click on the question to check out our four part blog series on this inquiry, or, for a more comprehensive response to this and other questions related to designing a building, download our free eBook “Navigating Through the Planning Process.”

Should I hire a contractor before I design my building?

Not everyone does, but our experience tells us that its probably a good call. Click on the question to see our blog post about the benefits of hiring a contractor prior to the planning process.

How do I find out what zoning, design, and signage regulations apply to a site?

Contact the city or county government, whichever has jurisdiction over the site. Click on the question to go to a page with links to contact and legal information for some of the cities and counties that we most frequently build in.

What is the warranty on your buildings?

Brown Wegher offers at least a 1 year, 100 percent warranty on everything inside a building, with some features (such as the roof and mechanical and electrical equipment) having longer warranty periods.

What will heat and power costs be?

This varies a great deal depending on the level of investment in HVAC systems, electrical lining and insulation among other things. It also depends on the amount of power consumption within a building.

If you don’t find an answer to your question, please contact us!