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The Death Of The Cubicle: Commercial Office Spaces Open Up To Work Functionality

The Dealth Of The Cubicle

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, Millennials now form the largest population of working Americans. This collaborative, quick-shifting generation has come of age during a time when work isn’t set hours or even set locations; it’s an activity and one that should be enjoyed as it happens. They crave interaction, movement, and flexibility. They defy the status quo. They want deeper rewards than compensation.

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Why Cloud-Based Project Management Software Gets a Thumbs Up from Brown Wegher

Cloud-Based Project Management - Sioux City Construction

Collaborative cloud-based project management software isn’t just for creative agencies and law firms anymore; it is now impacting residential and commercial construction in a big way. [Read more…]

Why I love my job at Brown Wegher: An Interview with Tyler Manker, VP of Commercial Construction

Tyler Manker Brown Wegher Construction

The Brown Wegher team is an assortment of people from all over Siouxland and the country. Recently, we launched an interview series which helped us showcase our variety of talents and skills on a more personal level. We continue the series with Tyler Manker, our Vice President of Commercial Construction, who shares with us his love of building businesses, communities, and a life here in Siouxland. [Read more…]

Why I love my job at Brown Wegher: An Interview with Mike Blankenship, VP of Commercial Operations

Mike Blankenship, VP of Brown Wegher Commercial Operations

We recently sat down with Mike Blankenship, Vice President of Commercial Operations/Project Manager to shed a little light on his experience and the unique skills he brings to the Brown Wegher team.

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5 Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Building Investment

General Contractor

No matter what your project is—commercial buildings, a new home, a rental property—every building project is an investment. And with every investment, it’s always a good idea to do your homework and put the proper framework in place to make sure you can recoup as much of your capital as possible when and if the time comes for you to rent or sell. [Read more…]

7 Questions to Ask Your Contractor About Green Buildings

Green Building

The “green” movement is picking up speed, and we at Brown Wegher feel that it’s about time. When you can use sustainable resources, minimize building materials, capitalize on solar energy, and reduce your draw on the land—all while creating a safe, beautiful building that will protect your products, grow your business, or employ area residents—it’s a win-win. [Read more…]

Think You Know What We Can Do With Metal Buildings? Think Again.

Think You Know What We Can Do With Metal Buildings? Think Again.

We say, “metal buildings in Siouxland,” and you say, “machine sheds.” This is where we shake our heads and set out to write an article where we show you how steel buildings can be ever so much more. Mostly because they already are.

Metal buildings in Sioux City surround you, and you may not even be aware of it. Due to their affordability and durability, metal buildings are amazingly versatile. [Read more…]

6 Reasons Why Metal Buildings Will Be Around A While. And Why That’s A Good Thing.


6 Reasons Why Metal Buildings Will Be Around a While. And Why That's a Good Thing.

Whether it’s a landmark alongside one of Sioux City’s many major roadways or a machine shed on the family farm, metal buildings, like Star Building Systems, are built to last. They last not just because businesses and farms need them to, but because that’s what steel buildings are designed and built to do.

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Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Metal Buildings In The Sioux City Metro Area

Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Metal Buildings In The Sioux City Metro Area

Metal buildings in and around the Sioux City area vary in construction, materials, size, color, and function. How they are built is just as important as how they are used; it’s why we place so much importance on planning both the interior and the exterior construction. And it’s why it’s important to consider the pros and cons of building materials prior to breaking ground on a project. [Read more…]

5 Qualities Siouxland Customers Want In A Steel Building

5 Qualities Siouxland Customers Want in a Steel Building

We call them steel buildings. You may call them machine sheds. No matter what you call them, these durable, metal buildings perform a number of functions in the Sioux City metro area. They store, garage, protect, and serve, and they look great while doing it. When it comes time to constructing a metal building of your own, make sure it has these five qualities.  [Read more…]